Roadside Foraging Finds (Edible and Otherwise)

Yet Another Road Cabbage
A Roll of Paper Towels in a Bag to Protect Them From the Weather
Road Corn on the Center Line
Limes in the Road
Black Walnuts
Gerber Baby
It's All About the Benjamins
A Tropical Fruit in a Temperate Zone
Future Fried Green Tomato
Roadkilled Cabbage
Eric the Half a Cucumber (enough for a salad)

Other roadside finds have included a roll of blue painters tape (brand new in the wrapper), a Craftsman socket wrench extension bar, a four D cell MagLite (battered but functional), beer (Busch Light - so technically not actually "beer"), pears, oranges, apples, tomatillos and a shattered tackle box (fish hooks and lead sinkers still intact).

The Busch Light discovery reminds me of a joke - What is the difference between Busch Light and making love in a canoe? I wish that I could share the punch line, but I am trying to keep this blog G-rated so that the kiddies can enjoy...

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